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Ann Sophia worked with Legacy while he was in Idaho in 2002. She is a gifted dressage rider from France who comes each summer to ride in America.

August 20, 2002

Evaluation of TC Moniets Legacy

When I saw Legacy for the first time in the paddock, he appeared to me to be a horse very impressive and expressive in everything. His attitude was expressed in the way he moved. I think that so much energy and stallion behavior gave me the impression that he would probably be a difficult horse. With a little apprehension I took care of him at the beginning of my stay in America. But against all of my apprehension, Legs was a different horse than I thought.

The moment I put a halter on him, he was really calm and when I brushed him, I became more confident to ride him. My confidence was built because Legs listened to all I asked him to do.

My first impression when riding was very difficult to describe. I was feeling that this horse has something special. The way he moves, the sensation to be on him and to do something with him. He is able to listen and has a willingness to listen. His temperament makes me feel moved within my heart!

When we worked in dressage, I realized with him that Legs revealed to me to be supple, able to associate the movement and was very supple in his back. The lightness that I had in my hands and also a remarkable dexterity in movement was good. He was willing to realize each figure of dressage. This makes me feel that this stallion is unique. He is very expressive when he is around other horses, and yet he was a horse that is also submissive and listens to me and responds to my requests. This is the goal of the dressage; to have a horse who understands that figures that are the closest to the movements of a free moving horse in nature, yet under the control of the rider.

A good willingness to execute the dressage style gives the result of a harmonious horse who is also agreeable to look at or watch. He also gives a unique sensitivity to the rider. To be a partner with the horse and to have a real confident relationship between horse and rider is a goal I could reach with him.

Legs was for me the ideal horse. He always stays the willing stallion. He likes to be looked at and to impress other horses as well as humans. Despite being a stallion, he is respectful of his handler. He is the same in a difficult situation if you are leading him or riding him.

He is emotional and sensitive to his environment. Thus he demands a certain presence from the rider. A lot more than other horses I have worked with. His sensitivity and his heart make him a horse with strong sensations for the rider. Another thing very special about this horse is his capacity to take the work like a game and not a task. This makes him a great horse with good morals.

With all these capacities, physical and psychological, the thing that touched me the most is his good heart and his willingness to do well and to give of himself. He has a gentleness and he searches to find the same goal as I seek.

The chance to have been able to work the Legacy and get to know his heart has been a blessing in my life. It has given me a chance to open my heart and feel a lot of love for horses and for Legs in particular.

Ann Sophia Schulester