• Legacy's sire, The Minstril is both a US and Canadian Top Ten Halter Champion and is the sire of national and international Champions in Halter and Performance, including US Reserve National Champion Thee Desperado, the 1994 US Reserve National Champion.
  • The Minstril's sire, Ruminaja Ali is a US Reserve National Champion and is a US National Futurity Champion.
  • Ali's sire Shaik Al Badi was also US National Futurity Champion.
  • Legacy's dam, Bint Bint Moniet was a US Top Ten Halter Champion and she attained this achievement at the age of 3 years.
  • Bint Bint, who was the foundation mare of Bentwood Farms, is the dam of Moniet El Sharaf who syndicated for 10 million dollars in 1986.
  • Bint Bint is the most famous daughter of Bint Moniet El Nefous and sold at age 13 for 2.2 million dollars at the Bentwood Sale.
  • TC Moniet's Legacy was on the Top 30 Junior Stallion for three years running.
  • Legacy's offspring are winning in halter and performance all across the United States.
  • Legacy is a Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated Stallion.

TC Moniet's Legacy

Gold Creek Arabians are Egyptian Arabian Horse Breeders offering a special multiple mare discount for the 2006 and 2007 breeding season.  You can use the same mare or different mares for this special offer.  We will be closing Legacy's public stud offering at the end of 2006 but will continue to offer breedings to existing clients as long as Legacy remains healthy, happy and fertile as he ages.  For those clients wishing to guarantee a breeding for 2006 and or 2007 we are offering a discount for multiple breedings as follows:

The fee for the first breeding to a purebred mare is $1500.  A second breeding purchased for either the same mare or a different mare will be $1000.  For partbreds or non Arab mares the first breeding is $750, the second $500.  A third breeding to be used in either 2006 or 2007 will be offered at $800 for purebreds and $450 for partbreds or non Arabs.  A non refundable booking fee of $250 will guarantee any breedings for 2007 and of course the fee is applied towards the stud fee and is refundable should Legacy become infertile for any reason.

"Legs was for me the ideal horse. He always stays the willing stallion. He likes to be looked at and to impress other horses as well as humans. Despite being a stallion, he is respectful of his handler. He is the same in a difficult situation if you are leading him or riding him." [Read Full Evaluation]
-Ann Sophia Schulester, Dressage Rider - France


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