2006 Puppies
( Badger x Creekside Skye )
Offered at: $400

This litter of 7 was a blast with wonderful color. We had four males and 3 females, 2 smooth coats and 3 medium coats with 2 heavy coated dogs. We had one red tri, one blue merle and the rest were all black and white or tri. Enjoy their play!   more

2009 ABCA Puppies
( McDuff x Creekside Skye )
Offered at: $350

With no advertising all of our 2009 litter has sold except puppy A whom we call Bubba. He is so smart, so sweet and really starting to herd. He is going to be a fairly big Border Collie with a gorgeous heavy coat. He is started on house breaking, sleeps well in his kennel and is great with other ...   more


Please go to for photos and details on MacDuff. I am having issues with uploading photos of Duff and until resolved this is a way to see him in his glory!   more


Badger, owned by Lynn and Joan Mason of Mission Falls Ranch, St. Ignatius, MT has been the sire of choice for Skye's 2006 and 2007 litters and we have been thrilled with the results of the breedings. Badger is a fairly large dog with a short coat and is tri colored black, white and brown. He has...   more

Creekside Skye

Skye is the perfect ranch dog. She was purchased by us at 3 months old and arrived ready and willing to work stock. Her breeding is impecable, her temperament supurb and she is a wonderful companion and playmate. Skye is a small to medium size bitch with a medium tri colored coat. Skye's pup...   more
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