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GC Breaza
Reg. # 599925
( TC Moniets Legacy x DDL Shahara )

Born: 1995-05-14

Breaza has the conformation and athletic ability of a great sport horse. She has a nice laid back shoulder and powerful hind quarters, which makes her reach and rear impulsion perfect for dressage. Her agility and quick mind are also great for challenges like eventing and endurance. Standing at 15.2 hands, Breaza is tall and big bodied but with classic refinement. Breaza's Straight Egyptian bloodlines are outstanding. Her sire, TC MONIETS LEGACY is a homozygous black son of a rare breeding between THE MINSTRIL x BINT BINT MONIET. TC Moniet Legacy has been a Junior Sire of Significance for three years in a row and is featured on the RFD-TV show "Horse Babies", showing nationwide over 12 times.

Breaza is a proven broodmare who foals easily and is a wonderfully attentive, friendly, and gentle mom. Breaza's devotion and loyalty is very special.

My Breaza story: On a trail ride in Montana's backcountry, I fell hard when Breaza tripped and fell to her shoulder. Breaza fled in fear and disappeared. But, moments later, Breaza whinnied and ran back to me, giving me a kiss to ensure I was breathing. Breaza waited patiently until I managed, after some time and with several broken ribs, to climb back on. Then, Breaza carefully followed the long trail to return us home.

Sheri Hefflefinger, Breaza's owner

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