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Hello Suzie,
I e-mailed you a while ago telling you about our two Legacy Babies, KC Rasheed (Rasheed), and Sir Hollys Hadiyi (Stoshu). Well, Stoshu and I did awsome this year in gaming. We received 5 champions and one reserve. He also won Reserve Champion Arabian Gelding of 2003 and before. There was about 9 - 10 other geldings in his class. I rode stoshu almost every day this summer. I think he is in the best shape he has ever been in. He is truly an amazing horse, and we are extreamly blessed to have Stoshu and Rasheed. This summer while I was riding Stoshu on a trail ride (with my friends) we came to this extreamly dusty spot that took up the whole trail. Of course we did not think much of it, I was in the lead so I crossed first. We were just about through it barb-wire popped up and got tangled around stoshus front legs. He pulled back and almost fell over. I baled off as soon as I had the chance. When I was on the ground, Stoshu was still trying to keep his balance while trying to get free at the same time. My first instinct was to yell "HO!". As soon as I did he planted his feet and didn't move a muscle, until I was done untangling him. The support boots that he had on were torn to shreds. If he did not have those on he would have been going to the vet.
Well, This summer I worked with Rasheed alot. I almost am ready to ride him. I just need to ground drive him some more first. He has come a long way. Rasheed looks completely different than when he first came to us. He is so sleek, shiny, and muscled out. I am so excited to get him started under saddle.
I have attached a picture of Stoshu. He is not set up yet when the lady took the picture.

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