Sandra Sandford, Kuna, Idaho

"Yesterday after we rode, Ti and I just hung out together in the arena in the shade of a tree. While I sat on the mounting block leaning against the rails, she put her head down near my lap and closed her
eyes. Very relaxing indeed. She was at liberty, so I eventually got up and she chased me around the ring, trotting along like a duckling following it's mother. I started shaking a gallon plastic milk jug filled with a few rocks, and she picked up her life and floated away with that huge trot of hers, tail up and waving in the breeze. I gave her an opportunity to canter, and off she went, as pretty as you please.
Jeannie she looked awesome. Today, doing the same thing, she headed off around the arena at a canter, turned left across the short side, and before I could even blink she sailed right over the arena fence into Pat's front yard. Didn't hesitate for a second... can you believe it? This particular side is a bit lower than the other three, only about three feet high. She nicked a few hairs off one hind leg, but that was it. As soon as I got over my surprise I ran over and she came up to me. I have to say, while I'm glad to know that she can jump, it's a bit worrisome. I don't want her deciding to go visiting up and down El Gato, even if traffic is slow. At least all the other fences here are considerably taller..."

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