Granddaughter Leanne and Friea after we were lucky enough to purchase her back at age 9.
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Cindi Huelle, Wyoming

Our TC Moniets Legacy straight Egyptian daughter GC Friea foaled a beautiful chestnut colt on the 18th of this month. Friea's foal was so huge, that she retained her placenta. Friea knew that we were going to help her, she was really good about loading into our two horse trailer and waiting for her baby to be put into the trailer. When I got her to the vet's, she unloaded like a pro and then waited for her baby. Friea has done everything that was asked of her. There was a stallion in one of the stalls that started causing a commotion, Friea tried to protect her baby, and also was watching out for me. Suzy I really gained respect for this mare all over again. She expelled her placenta later that afternoon and is now home. She and baby are doing just fine."

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