Sheri Heffelfinger, Helena Montana

" I have to share my Breaza story. I had just purchased Breaza from you and Breaza and I were just getting to know each other out on a trail ride. Walking along, she stepped in a hole on the edge of the trail in the grass. She fell onto her shoulder and I hit the ground hard...broke a rib and lay there unable to breathe or move...Breaza was scared, took off down the trail heading back for the stables ... and I'm thinking--long painful walk home. When Breaza is out of sight, I hear this loud neigh, and Breaza comes running back over the hill and right to my side. She nickers and kisses me on my face (like she did the day SHE bought ME ;-) remember that? well, she just stood there by me until I could catch my breath, drag myself off the ground, and manage to climb back on her. Suzy, you have to know that I'm really in a bind financially, or I would NEVER part with Breaza. She is my girl and something very very special to me. I get teary-eyed every time I think of selling her. This is tough for me. She really should go to someone who will cherish this special kind of bond. Breaza just bonds with you, she has a special personality where she is just really engaged in communicating with you. Her first foal (now a yearling) is also so sweet, just like her, he is a people horse, trusting, and eager to please."

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