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Legacys Image GCA
Reg. # 0630256
( TC Moniets Legacy x Ravenwood Forever )

Born: 2007-03-31

March madness ended at Gold Creek with the birth of this huge black colt. He is homozygous black, striking and has overall excellence and the sweetest disposition, however that is what we expect from our program. Watch for updated photos! Full brother to Moniet Al Ramik and they share the same birthday. Image is blue black in color, his head is gorgeous, tiny tipped ears well set and lovely big eyes.

Image is so much like his sire TC Moniets Legacy however he is better. Extremely laid back shoulder, excellent hind quarter, wonderful joints, big bold movement, a neck that has length , is beautifully set on that great shoulder and wonderful shape for Halter yet all of the athleticism you want for Performance, plus Breeders Sweepstakes nominated.

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