GC Hadaf at age 3
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Nikki Higgins on her taking Hadaf home

Hi Suzy,

Talk about mental telepathy...I was just getting ready to email you! Hadaf was an absolute angel all the way home!! He was in the trailer for almost 8 hours...we loaded him before 10, and I pulled into home at 5:45. Not sure if you've been this way or not, but the road thru Garden Valley, Loman and up thru Stanley Basin is just about as bad as the trip over your Bitterroot Pass....20 mile an hour hairpin turns the whole way....so it makes it a very slow trip and I didn't want Hadaf's first road trip to be a bad experience....But, he settled right in and was a trooper the whole way...

When I got home I have expected him to want to bolt out of the trailer, like, "let me out of here"....but he didn't. Just stood quietly while I unlatched all the dividers and untied him...then I made him stop twice and just stand quietly in the trailer before I let him out....he was just perfect! He was so funny checking out his new digs....after I watered him we just walked around and I let him check everything out...the barn, stalls, etc. I kept him in one of the runs last nite....too close to dark to turn him out....then this morning I let him out in the pasteur....he would run to one corner, then come back and talk to me...then he would run in another direction, checking things out....he is now making friends with his new buddies....they are in the pasteur right next to him...what an absolute delight he is. My husband just fell in love with him...actually his jaw kind of dropped when he saw him!! Too funny....he said, "I was expecting him to be a pretty horse from his pics, just didn't expect him to be quite that spectacular"! I told him..."hands off"!!! I love you, but not that much!

I talked to Jeannie this morning....I am taking him down to her on Friday. I wanted to spend some time with him, and also let him settle in a bit before I took him down. She is really excited about working with him....I will absolutely keep you posted as to his progress...I have as much to learn as Hadaf....I told Jeannie that she would probably be sick of me hanging around all the time!

And yes Suzi, I also am so glad to have met you. I appreciate all your hospitality....the dinner was wonderful. And again, thank you so very much for letting me have my precious Hadaf....I so look forward to the wonderful years we will have together....I even told my husband last night...it's time...I have put this off long enough with one excuse or another....I HAVE to give up this awful habit (smoking)....Hadaf is only 3 and I have to be able to keep up with him for many, many years!!!

Thank you again Suzi...and I will definately stay in touch....

God Bless!
Nikki and Hadaf

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