Nikki Higgins, Cascade, ID

I finally got my Hadaf man home...I actually left him at Jeannie's just a few days shy of two months...hated to do that, but she is so good that I knew it would be good for Hadaf. He is doing fabulous...of course we have winter and aren't riding, but I play all
the games with him that I can in the barn. He is going to make one fantastic trail/mountain curious and willing, and also very layed back and can just see him thinking things thru. I ordered the Parelli success serious of tapes and am learning myself....I think Hadaf knows more
than I do, but he's very forgiving when I give him mixed signals. He is such a joy.....Jeannie cried when I took him home...she said if she already didn't
have too many horses, she would never let him off her place....I DO NOT THINK SO!!!!!! We will have some work to do this spring....Jeannie spent more
time on him bareback than she did under saddle...but am looking forward to it.

If either one of you ever get thru our way, you will have to be sure and stop by and say hello to Hadaf....or better yet, plan a trip, bring your horses and
stay for a few days. Would love to see you....and of course that way you can get up close and personal with the most fabulous horse there ever was!

Talk soon....

Nikki and Hadaf

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